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Ravi Kiran and Sirisha sougandh Playing Lead Roles In Abhilasha Daily Serial Watch on Gemini TV

Abhilasha Daily Serial
Gemini TV presents a new serial Abhilasha, it is a family drama serial. Abhilasha is the most popular rating serial Gemini. The serial stars Ravi Kiran, Sai Kiran and Sirisha sougandh in leading roles.Abhilasha Serial Trending On 41st Place on YouTube.Getting good ratings and running successfully with Positive reviews with a beautiful casting and wonderful Story of the serial. Abhilasha daily serial Original version is the Kannada language Naanu Nanna Kanasu, in Telugu remake the Abhilasha.

The serial start on Gemini Tv 26th August 2019, it is running successfully in good TRP ratings in Gemini. The audience is most like this serial and this serial getting the 41st position in the Youtube channel.

The serial theme is the story revolves around the little girl Janaki she is Shankar (Ravi Kiran) daughter, her aim is to become a doctor, it is her father dream she became a doctor. Shankar is a chef, he is working in great businessman Vishnu Vardhan’s (Sai Kiran) house. He is a good person, to help the Shankar family, but Vishnu’s wife jealous of Shankar and his family as her husband helps them. It is the storyline of the serial.

It is telecast on Gemini Tv every Monday to Friday from 7.30 PM to 8.00 PM. This serial available on Sun NXT app.