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Akka Mogudu Daily Serial

Akka Mogudu Daily Serial

Akka Mogudu is one of the popular Telugu daily serial telecasting in Gemini TV. It is an emotional family drama serial. The serial starring Aishwarya Gowda and Vasudeva Rao are playing lead roles, directed by Venkata Koti Degala and written by Kommanapalli Ganapathi Rao. It starts on Gemini Tv 28 May 2018, presently it is running successfully, high TRP rating serial in Gemini.

The story of serial twin sisters Ramya and Sowmya, who go to great lengths for each other. when enter the Amar their life, take to turn their life’s. Follow their journey of self-sacrificing love, along with their life partner, Amar.

How these two sisters overcome their problems in their life shapes the rest of the story.  The title was chosen as it is apt for the story of twin sisters and their marital lives.

Akka Mogudu daily serial telecast on Gemini Tv from every Monday to Friday at 6.30 pm to 7.00 PM. It is available on Sun NXT app,you miss the serial episode watch sun NXT.