Friday, 12 Jul 2024
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Manasichi Chudu Daily Serial

Manasichi Chudu Daily Serial

Star Maa Introducing one of the new serial Manasichi Chudu. Manasichi Chudu is a Telugu family, romantic drama daily serial. The serial cast Adi, Bhanu are the main lead roles. Naginedu and Parvathi are the Bhanu Parents.

The serial theme revolves around a girl, she loves Adi brother. But he is unfortunately dead. Adi and Bhanu families some small quarries.Their families reunion and fix the marriage with Bhanu and Adi. How the Adi and his family receive her.

This is a new story, the audience excites the new serial at Star Maa, it is telecast from Monday to Friday from 2.30 Pm to 3.00 Pm. You can watch this serial also on Hotstar app.

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