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Navya Swamy And Madhusudhan plays Lead Role In Naa Peru Meenakshi Daily Serial

Naa Peru Meenakshi Daily Serial

Below, in this article, we will cover the  Navya Swamy And Madhusudhan plays Lead Role In Naa Peru Meenakshi daily serial.

Naa Peru Meenakshi is one of the best popular serials in ETV. Naa Peru Meenakshi is a lovely Romantic Comedy serial. It is produced by Arka Mediaworks under the production house of Baahubali. The main lead roles are Navya and Madhusudhan. The main supporting roles are Balaram, Gowthami, Aparna, Kanakam, and Manikyam.

Meenakshi is a middle-class family girl, and she is  Intelligent, Smart, Flirtatious and a handsome guy named Radha Krishna Vanamali, Belongs to a rich corporate type high-class business family.

Radha Krishna Vanamali is the son of Dhanraj Vanamali and Aparna Vanamali and the Alika Designs Managing Director. Dhanraj is an iconic businessperson with an inspirational mindset and Aparna is a well-educated lady. She is always very concerned about her family.

Meenakshi who works in a textile design company gets a chance to lead the same company as head for six months. She is innocent enough to be teased by co-workers, but she has a habit of helping people. Krish’s father likes Meenakshi’s qualities. Krish also gives importance to Meenakshi to get a big order for his MNC company. Balaram’s brother of Krish tortures his own Mother and Father. He doesn’t like the importance given to Krish. Accidentally Krish marries Meenakshi. Balaram tries to take revenge on Krish using Meenakshi as a weapon but fails. Krish’s father gives all authority to Meenakshi at the time of his death.

This is the most popular serial telecast on ETV Monday to Friday from 8.30 pm to 9.00 pm. This is available on youtube, and you are watching missing episodes on youtube.

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