Friday, 12 Jul 2024
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Pournami Daily Serial Watch On Gemini Tv

Pournami Daily Serial

Pournami is one of the most popular serials, it is a Telugu family drama serial that airs on Gemini Tv. The serial revolves around Varsha and her father. Pournami daily serial Varsha loses her mother at a very young age, which makes her father Chakravarthy, a widower. Chakravarthy disliked Varsha since her birth as he blames her for his wife’s death and his wealth. Varsha craves love and attention from her father. She hasn’t received it from anyone. But, one day, her father asks her to leave the house.

The rest of the series shows Varsha tries whatever she can to win her father’s heart over. Bhavana and Surya essay the roles of Varsha and Chakravarthy. Pournami is a big hit among audiences and its TRP was also high.

Pournami daily serial telecast on Gemini Tv from Monday to Friday from at8.00pm to8.30pm and also we will miss the episodes we can watch on Sun NXT app.