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Rajaa Betaa Daily Serial Watch On Zee Tv

Rajaa Betaa Daily Serial
Raja Beta is the new daily serial telecast on ZEE TV channel. This serial starts on 15 January 2019 on Zee tv. Rahul Sudhir, Sambabna Mohanty, Fanil Umrigar, Jatin Arora are lead roles in Rajaa Betaa Daily Serial. Rahul Sudhir is Playing the role of Vedant Tripathi he is a gynecologist who serves his whole Family.

This serial story revolves around the raja Beta of the Tripathi house– Vedant Tripathi(Rahul Sudhir). In this Vedant is shown as a very responsible son, grandson, nephew and brother. Vedant was an Orphan kid who was adopted by dadaji but never accepted by his father as a member of the Tripathi family. It’s only his grandma who really loves him after his dadaji. Other Family members just pretend to show their faith but actually they love his income.

Vedant has successfully become a good gynecologist and a responsible son. But his father remains always unhappy with him. He always used to do a deal with Vedant whether it is for his studies or for marriage. Even He has taken a promise from Vedant that Vedant will never marry a girl just because he doesn’t want his own Family.

But unexpected turns Vedan marries a girl Purva (Sambabna Mohanty) she is already pregnant. Vedant has just one desire that he wants to become a father in his life.  show in the serial will Vedant accept his wife’s baby or will he divorces her.

It is telecast on Zee Tv from Monday to Friday at 6.30 PM. We will miss the episodes we can watch on Zee5 app.