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Top Rated Swathi Chinukulu Daily Serial

Swathi Chinukulu Daily serial

Swathi chinukulu is one of the most popular serials on ETV serial. Swathi Chinukulu is directed by Radha Krishna Malieni and is penned by Madhav. The serial cast in the form of Ramakrishnan, Vanisree, Sharath Banu and other great actors. Swathi Chinukulu daily serial start on ETV 9th September 2013 it is running successfully till now, It is a fantastic serial in Etv, top PRP rating of the serial.

Swathi Chinukulu story of three women. They come from different countries so they have different mentalities, different traditions that they have to follow in daily life, different cultures and their difficulties adapt to a new culture as also they hail from totally different backgrounds. The storyline takes many turnarounds since it is about the story of the three women at the beginning. As the serial progress, they meet and start to interact with each other. They start to know each other and become friends, they start to solve their daily problems together and act as a helping hand for each other.

This serial complete the 2000 episodes. Watch this serial from Monday to Friday from 8.00 pm to 8.30 pm.